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We commit to sharing the love of God with you to help you know yourself and grow into the person God created.


We commit to giving you ample time and space to connect with each other.


We commit to sharing the Word of God in a simple manner that would impact your life.


We commit to being a loving, caring community of believers that will help you become all that God created you to be.

FALL 2023


PARENTAL GUIDANCE Tue. 7:00 pm via zoom

Parental Guidance is a life group designed to support and encourage parents in their journey of raising children. Through open discussions and shared experiences, members of this group will find guidance on various parenting topics, including discipline, communication, and faith-based principles.


Miss Perfect wed. 7:00 pm

Miss Perfect is a life group for women to find their purpose in Christ. Many women struggle to be the best and most perfect version of themselves to satisfy friends, co-workers, and even their past. What if we leaned into the love of a heavenly father who spoke purpose over us before we were formed in the womb of our mothers? What could that freedom lead to ?


momma mia WED. 7:00 PM

Are you a mom looking for a supportive community to help you grow spiritually and personally? Look no further than our Life Group for moms! Join us as we discuss topics like personal growth, relationships, and serving others, all while navigating the journey of discovering our true identity in Christ.

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Man In The mirror WED. 7:00 PM

This group is a safe and empowering space where men can share their experiences, connect with other men, and discuss topics like personal growth, relationships, and serving others.

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Prophetic 101 WED. 7:00 PM

Learn to hear the voice of God in a fresh and new way. The Prophetic 101 Life Group will help you understand the gifts we've been given access to through Jesus Christ to edify the body of christ, the church, and our families. 


Young GUNZ FRI. 12:00 PM

A Life Group created for our Senior Citizen Families ages 60 and up. As our Young Gunz re-engages this new stage of life, we understand that community, fellowship, and friends are beyond important. Young Gunz will allow you to be your authentic self while creating Christ-centered relationships and memories. 

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