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At Family Life, we believe you were created on purpose, with purpose, by a God who thinks your life is way too important to let you spend it all on yourself. Our desire is to help you discover and develop your life’s purpose by offering you opportunities to serve and connect. Whether you are people-oriented or task-oriented, introverted or extroverted, a long-term Christ follower or just checking God out, we have a place for you.


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Audio/Visual &  Production

The Audio/Visual Ministry provides a wide range of live production and media functions to facilitate, enhance and cultivate the worship experience for the church and community at large.  As a result, the body of Christ is ministered to and edified both in person and online.


The Graphic Ministry creates visuals that communicate the heart, ideas and events that make up the heart life of Family Life. In all that we do, we seek to inspire, inform, and captivate our members and others. 


The Worship Ministry is responsible for all aspects of Family Life’s Collective Worship Experience. This includes planning, implementation and oversight of the Worship Ministry. Our goal is to create settings where people can connect to God through worship, not only in a church service but also outside of the walls of the church. 

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Prophetic Arts 

Prophetic Arts Ministry seeks to bring God’s people into the presence of God through various arts including dance, song, spoken word, and so many other gifts. 

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Facilities & Security

Facilities management is responsible for maintaining a beautiful, safe, and first class facility to meet the needs of Family Life’s members and the community. 

Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry creates, plans and implements effective communications messaging and strategies to engage our members and community.  The department will support church and ministry leaders in conveying their vision and communications priorities to their appropriate audiences.

Camera Installation
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First Touch

The First Touch Ministry serves as our “Welcome Team” at Family Life, facilitating a connection between our church and all who come through our doors.  This team is responsible for  connecting visitors to their next step, praying for them or meeting any other need as they may arise. 

Special Events

The Special Events Ministry works with leaders to coordinate and execute special events both inside and outside of Family Life. These events include our Christmas Covenant Celebration, Angel Tree Giveaway, Annual Picnic and so many more.

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Growth Track

Growth Track at Family Life is a step by step guide to help you discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. With four steps, the Growth Track invites you to encounter Jesus, connect to our local church, discover your purpose and leadership, and make a difference in the church. If you've never attended the Growth Track before, we encourage you to start with Step One.

Sanctuary Servants 

The Sanctuary Servants Ministry creates a warm, friendly and distraction free setting during all Family Life services where people can connect to God.

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The Outreach Ministry seeks out opportunities to share the compassionate love of God with people in the San Antonio community and beyond. This can include visits to shelters, feeding the hungry, giving clothing and food or blessing children with Christmas presents during the holidays. We are a community centered church and the Outreach Ministry helps us reach, touch and give God’s life to our Community. 


The Volunteer Ministry encourages volunteerism and provides an opportunity for members to share their gifts and talents by serving in various ministries, opportunities and special events.

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Young Adults/ 20 Somethings

The 20 Something’s is Family Life’s Young Adult Ministry, dedicated to individual growth and social transformation, we connect young adults (20-somethings and 30-somethings) through spiritual formation, relevant conversations, fellowship, outreach and social activities.


The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to cultivate connection, build Christ-centered foundations and create community for seriously dating couples and married couples of all ages. 

Men’s Ministry

A Culture of Men who love God, Family, and Community. We firmly believe that when men fight the realties of life together real and authentic relationships grow from that place. From Bible Studies to Fishing Trips we're all about doing life together with our men. 

Kidz Life

In our fun filled Kidz Life Ministry, we seek to partner with parents to guide kids toward a HEART for God. This includes creating a safe, fun, and educational place where our kids can grow in their faith, make like minded friends and create lifelong experiences.  No matter where they are in their journey, every child has the potential to be spiritually healthy and to continue moving toward the next stage of spiritual health.

Women’s Ministry

No matter your age, background, or stage of life, the Women’s Ministry at Family Life seeks to walk along side of every woman in their walk with Christ and support, love and empower them. Through service to others, support from other Christian women and through important social contact, women's ministry enables women to establish and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, develop in godly maturity and share the message of Jesus Christ with the world.

Youth Ministry 

The purpose of FLIM’s Youth Ministry is to build authentic relationships with our youth attempting to navigate a challenging world. We want to meet our youth where they are and provide an environment where they can develop their love for God. We also aim to develop discipleship and leadership skills for all youth.

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Young Gunz

Whether it is sharing wisdom or training with the younger generation, our seniors have an important function in the kingdom of God. At Family Life, The Young Gunz ministry seeks to create community among our seniors and, encourage them to live their lives fully. Our senior adults enjoy fellowships, trips and opportunities to serve in our church and community.

Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry exists to help singles grow spiritually, emotionally and actively succeed in every area of life. The goal of the Single’s Ministry is not to play matchmaker but to equip and empower single adults to be strong in their faith and to play an active role in the church, and to help the church reach Single people for Christ.  

Life Groups

The Life Groups Ministry creates authentic environments where you can grow, connect and be cared for outside of church services. In small groups, meeting online or in person, you will develop meaningful relationships and become a part of the community that God has called you to be a part of. 

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Ministry teaches aims to develop leaders in our homes, workplace and also the church. Here, we teach vital leadership skills to equip people at all levels to influence and impact their world for God. This includes mentorship, educational or career coaching or attending conferences. 

Life Connections 

Life Connections is Family Life’s Discipleship opportunity where people who want a more individualized approach to their walk with Christ. In Life Connections, a leader will meet regularly to study God’s Word, foster an authentic relationship and share life together. 

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