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Fostering relationships with a network of churches in the NE
community and to provide mental health training, resources and
assistance to their congregations and surrounding communities.


Pastor Veron Blue is the Founder of Faith & Community Wellness Centers, Inc.


Her heart for a hurting community, where so many are without mental health services, inspired her to start this organization.


Her main goal is to teach and train churches how to be effective in healing their communities during this mental health crisis.  She assists churches in being trained in areas of mental health and then helps them to build a mental health program within their churches.


FCWC is also committed to helping the community family by providing resources (training and professional mental health services) to those in need.  No one walks alone!


Pastor V is convinced that the church is the answer to REVERSE the effects of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in our community and country.  She believes that every child or teenager we help today will be one more stable, productive, and mentally healthy adult tomorrow.


Veron is a Wellness Champion with NAMI -Bridges to Care.  She is also a Certified Master Mental Health Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach with the American Association of Christian Counsellors.  She is a member of the Bridges to Care Steering Committee and is a part of the Community Mental Health & Wellness Network.  She also served on the Governance Council of the San Antonio Trauma Informed Consortium.


Veron is a Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach with the American Association of Christian Counsellors.

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