Vision:  “Reaching, Touching, and Giving God’s Life – To The San Antonio Community, and Around The World!”

In 1991, the Lord spoke to my heart from Genesis 12:3 – Where God told Abraham to leave the place he was, and go to a place that God would show him.  The Lord promised to bless him, and make his life a blessing to others; and that his faith & obedience to God would bless all families on earth.

It was from that Word that we began Family Life Ministries (now Family Life International Ministries) – with a vision of “Reaching, Touching, and Giving God’s life – to the San Antonio community.

Abraham’s faith in God has created a blueprint of life – that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can follow, and fulfill God’s purpose for his/her life.

Family Life strongly emphasizes:

(1)  faith and obedience to God’s Word;

(2)  building strong families & great relationships;

(3)  serving the communities we live & worship in;

(4)  leaving a legacy for the next generation


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