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If you need further guidance, prayer, or you need someone to connect to outside of Lifegoups, please contact one of our Mentors below:

 Join us as we connect every Wednesday for the months of July and August.  

Life group for ages 15-24: Zoom ID # 210-269-7471

Life group for ages 25-40. Zoom ID # 810-5048-1829

Life group for ages 41-55.  Zoom ID # 271-149-7061

Life group for ages 56+  Zoom ID # 210-637-5814

For more information or questions regarding Life groups,

please contact 210-239-7296.

We look forward to seeing you.

Prayer for Breaking
Ungodly Connections/Relationships

I confess and repent of my sin of an ungodly relationship with (name person or thing).   I repent of any anger and resentment against you God for allowing this to happen in my life. 

I forgive (name of person) for their involvement in this sin. I ask you, God, to forgive me and I receive your forgiveness. 

I forgive myself for participating in this sin. Lord sever the ungodly connection between me and (name of thing or person) and restore the broken or torn pieces of my soul. 

Lord, remove anything that has come into me through this ungodly relationship and bring back and restore everything godly that has been stolen from me, in Jesus name.

Breaking Inner Vows

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you made inner vows.  


Look at places where you were hurt, abandoned, confused, violated, abused. These are the places where we usually make inner vows to protect ourselves.


Write down the vows.  Write the name of the person who was involved in the life event that led to the inner vow.


Go through and individually repent of each inner vow.



Lord, I repent and renounce the vow that I will never (name the inner vow – one at a time).   I repent for believing the lie that you will not protect me or provide for me and that I needed to protect myself and look out for myself. Forgive me for the pain I caused myself and others because of the vow that I made.  


I forgive everyone that is connected to this inner vow and I choose to release them to you.


(If there are other vows, return to the beginning of the prayer for each inner vow.  Once you have listed all the vows, proceed to the next paragraph)


I break the power of these vows over my life and I tear them down in Jesus Name.  I ask your help to set new goals that are in agreement with your word and plan for my life.


I also ask that you heal any wounds and soften any hardness in my heart that came as a result of  these vows.  I receive your forgiveness and your grace as I learn to deal with the issues of my life with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name.  Amen.

Prayer to replace failed, negative and unrealistic expectations

I confess and repent of my sins of giving life to failed, negative and unrealistic expectations in my life. Lord, forgive me for expecting that (list expectations).

Lord, forgive me for the way that I have judged myself and others based on my faulty belief and expectations.  Forgive me for the people I have blamed, shamed and hurt because they did not live up to my expectations.


           I repent for believing the lies that I could put my trust and my hope in anyone or anything but you.  I forgive myself for participating in that lie. 


           I confess the divine truth that I will put my hope and faith in you, O God, and I know you will give me a good outcome everytime.  I tear down the stronghold of every failed, negative and unrealistic expectation, in Jesus Name.  Only you, do I put my faith, my confidence, my hope, O God. Amen.


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